Unified English braille (UEB) practice sentences: 2nd edition: double spaced braille
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a comprehensive, step-by-step method for teaching braille reading and writing
Becker, Roberta
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1 print volume and 2 volumes interpoint braille
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Students can check their own answers after writing out the sentences when used in conjunction with the braille answer key. Students can get additional reading practice. Problematic contractions can be isolated for additional reading/writing practice. Teachers or parents can read aloud, while students read along. Students can work independently to practice braillewriting skills, at school or at home. Students can use this braille book to work on computer keyboarding (typing) skills. Directions and explanations are included in both the Print Teacher’s Edition and the Braille Teacher’s Edition. Keyboarding practice will address the spelling of the contractions. The Braille Student’s Answer Key is for students who are learning to read braille. It contains the practice sentences only. There are no directions or explanations included, making this easier for the new braille reader to navigate the book. This is the perfect book for students to check their own answers. Most common usages - exeptions omitted. The double-spaced book is helpful in developing tracking skills, it makes tracking easier, and it facilitates reading, as it eliminates the confusion of reading two lines that are very close together. For those more advanced readers, it might be helpful to use the single spaced book, in order to learn tracking skills that they will need as adults.
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