Earth science tactile graphics
Otto, Fred
American Printing House for the Blind
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1 binder of 40 vacuum-formed colour illustrations with 1 print teacher guide
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A collection of vacuum-formed, full-color raised-line tactile graphics related to Earth Science. Earth Science Tactile Graphics depict processes, concepts, and structures typically covered in middle and high school Earth Science courses. This collection serves as a reference volume intended to supplement the graphics in a student's classroom textbook. The graphics included in this kit are rendered in full color with several types of lines and textures in addition to differing heights. Includes: The Rock Cycle, Identifying Rock Types, Typical Soil Profile (cutaway), Factors Affecting Porosity in Soil, Earth’s Internal Structure (cutaway views), Convection Currents in Earth’s Mantle, Continental Drift, Fossil Evidence for Continental Drift, Fossils, Radioactive Decay, Geologic Time Scale, Island (landform map), Island (topographical map), Valley Glaciers, Effects of Continental Glaciers, Shield Volcano, Cinder Cone Volcano, Composite Volcano, Formation of a Caldera, Batholith, Dikes, and Sills, Fault Types, Folded Layers & Angular Unconformity, Divergent Plate Boundaries, Convergent Plate Boundaries, Tectonic Plate Boundaries, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Hot Spots, Water Cycle, Groundwater Features (cutaway), Reducing Soil Erosion in Farming, Carbon Cycle, The Greenhouse Effect, CO2 and Temperature Change Since 1960, Weather Fronts, Isotherms, Isobars, Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets, Internal Structure of Terrestrial Planets, Composition of Gas Giants, Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, Structure of a Comet. Instructional hints are provided for each tactile graphic in the Teacher's Guide, which is included in the binder. Teachers are encouraged to use the tactile images to augment lessons for students who are not using standard printed textbook diagrams. Effective use of the tactile images depends on a foundation of tactile reading skills, student's hands-on experiences, and verbal descriptions from the teacher.
APH Cat 1-03131-00
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Earth sciences
Earth science tactile graphics
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