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Book Visual impairments and learning.
/ Barraga, Natalie C.. Erin, Jane. 4th. (2001).
ISBN: 0890798680. Catalog Id: 24327
Professional Resource (1 vol.)
Book Children with visual impairments : social interaction, language and learning.
/ Webster, Alec. Roe, Joao. (1998).
ISBN: 0415148162. Catalog Id: 24356
Professional Resource (1 vol)
Book Everyday activities to promote visual efficiency.
/ Trief, Ellen. Shaw, Rona. American Foundation for the Blind. (2009).
ISBN: 089128835x. Catalog Id: 24767
Professional Resource (1 Vol.)
Book Better together.
/ Hagood, Linda. Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (2008).
ISBN: 9781880366400. Catalog Id: 24954
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Handbook for itinerant and resource teachers of blind and visually impaired students.
/ Willoughby, Doris M.. Duffy, Sharon, L.M.. 2nd.
ISBN: 0962412201. Catalog Id: 25446
Professional Resource (1 vol)
Book Supporting visually impaired students in the mainstream.
/ Martin, Glenda J.. Hoben, Mollie. (1977).
Catalog Id: 25674
Professional Resource (1 vol)
CD and Book Set WHAT and HOW does this child see?.
/ Hyvarinen, Lea. Jacob, Namita. (2011).
ISBN: 9789529283804. Catalog Id: 25755
Professional Resource (1 vol.; 1 DVD)
CD and Book Set Digital light box artwork : supporting language and literacy.
/ Buckley, Wendy. American Printing House for the Blind. (2009).
Catalog Id: 26128
Professional Resource (1 vol. with CD)
Book Welcoming students with visual impairment to your school.
/ Pompano, Michael. Milleri, Tom. Perkins School for the Blind. (2006).
ISBN: 0974351083. Catalog Id: 22115
Professional Resource (1 binder with 206 pp and 4 Cds)
CD Welcoming students with visual impairment to your school ; CD set only.
/ Pompano, Michael. Miller, Tom. Perkins School for the Blind. (2006).
Catalog Id: 22812
Professional Resource (1 case with 4 Cds)