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Book Adapted games & activities : from tag to team building.
/ Rouse, Pattie. (2004).
ISBN: 9780736054324. Catalog Id: 24221
Professional Resource (1 vol)
Book Elementary concepts for students with visual impairments.
/ O'Sail, Brenda. Levack, Nancy. Donovan, Linda. Sewell, Debra. Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. (2001).
ISBN: 1880366266. Catalog Id: 25023
Professional Resource (2 volumes)
Book Encouraging physical activity for preschoolers with visual impairment : a resource for parents.
/ Blaine, Jane Diane. Lonergan, Michael James. (2009).
ISBN: 9780986506640. Catalog Id: 25366
Professional Resource (1 vol (DVD in front))
Equipment Beeping frisbee.
Catalog Id: 25449
Equipment (7 1/2" bright orange soft foam frisbee)
Book Peabody model vision project : functional vision inventory for the multiple & severely handicapped PMNP.
/ Langley, M. Beth. (1980).
Catalog Id: 25629
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Kit 30 love tennis kit.
/ American Printing House for the Blind. (2008).
Catalog Id: 25723
Kit (Tennis guidelines book in braille and print, 2 tennis racquets, 6 balls, 2 face masks)
Book Adapted PE kit resources for students who are blind or visually impaired.
/ Angelidis, Joanna. Marraffa, Susanna. School District #36 - Surrey.
Catalog Id: 26134
Professional Resource (1 Vol.)
Book Looking into PE : curriculum guide for teaching PE to children with a visual impairment.
/ Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). (1994).
ISBN: 1858780322. Catalog Id: 14595
Professional Resource
Video Access sport model.
/ Western Michigan University Dept. of Blind Rehabilitation. (1995).
Catalog Id: 15893
Professional Resource (1 VHS cass ; 17 mins)
Equipment Slow motion soccer ball.
Catalog Id: 30068
Equipment (Approx. 8.5" diameter blue and white soccer ball.)