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Book BANA UEBC sampler 2.
/ Braille Authority of North America - BANA. (2001).
Catalog Id: 24948
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Literary braille practice sentences.
/ Joseph, Dorothy Quentin. Becker, Roberta. Mangold, Phil. (1992).
Catalog Id: 8036
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Dot writing : a manual of literary braille.
/ Wise, Janet. Pesavento, Mary Ellen. 4th Revised. (1994).
Catalog Id: 13345
Professional Resource (1 binder)
Book Braille code for columned materials and tables.
/ Corcoran, Jane. Braille Authority of North America - BANA. (1995).
Catalog Id: 14550
Professional Resource (1 Vol.)
Book Reading in braille : an introductory source book for teachers.
/ Lorimer, P.M.. 2nd. (1994).
ISBN: 1858780446. Catalog Id: 14657
Professional Resource
Book Transcribers' guide to English braille.
/ Krebs, Bernard Marvin. California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped. (1993).
Catalog Id: 14664
Professional Resource