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Equipment ISA Goalball.
Catalog Id: 26165
Equipment (Bells fixed inside yellow ball; 9.5 inches, 2.75 pounds.)
Equipment Slow motion soccer ball.
Catalog Id: 30068
Equipment (Approx. 8.5" diameter blue and white soccer ball.)
Equipment Sensory soccer ball.
Catalog Id: 30069
Equipment (Approx. 8.5" diameter green and white soccer ball.)
Equipment Jingle ball.
Catalog Id: 30071
Equipment (6 5/16” diameter blue rubber ball with bells.)
Equipment Ultimax goal ball.
/ Independent Living Aids.
Catalog Id: 18761
Equipment (Bells fixed inside yellow ball)
Equipment ILX revolution sport ball.
Catalog Id: 19489
CD Goal ball : an instructional DVD.
/ Ontario Blind Sports Association.
Catalog Id: 20822
Professional Resource (1 DVD)
Equipment Goal ball.
Catalog Id: 21082
Equipment (Bell fixed inside ball; 2.5 inches, 2.75 pounds.)
Equipment Can - do basketball with bell.
Catalog Id: 21083
Equipment (Basketball with bells.)
Equipment Everbounce ball with internal bell.
Catalog Id: 21084
Equipment (Dual colour plastic ball with bells.)