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Video Teaching braille reading skills to adults.
/ Western Michigan University Dept. of Blind Rehabilitation. (1994).
Catalog Id: 15895
Professional Resource (1 VHS cass ; 17 mins)
Braille Book New international manual of braille music notation.
/ Krolick, Bettye. World Blind Union. The Braille Music Subcommittee. (1996).
ISBN: 9090092692. Catalog Id: 15931
Braille EBAE (3 vols)
Book Braille too : an instructional reading and writing program for secondary students : teacher's edition and student's large print and braille writing exercises.
/ Hepker, Nancy Lake. Cross-Coquillette, Sharon. Grant Wood Area Education Agency. (1994).
Catalog Id: 16069
Professional Resource (5 Binders, 2 - 3.5" floppy disks)
Book Strategies for developing mathematics skill in students who use braille.
/ Kapperman, Gaylen. Heinze, Toni. Sticken, Jodi. (1997).
Catalog Id: 16807
Professional Resource (1 vol.)
Kit Perkins Panda early literacy program.
/ Perkins School for the Blind.
Grade Level: Kindergarten, 01, 02, 03. Catalog Id: 19800
Kit (1 stuffed Perkins Panda Bear wearing a backpack, 1 canvas tote bag, 1 perkins resource guide, 1 plastic tote box containing - 1 yellow with red trim fleece blanket, 2 large plastic blue glasses, 1 small plastic red glass and 3 green plastic plates, clear plastic bag containing - 1 Perkins Goes Out tape, 1 Perkins Goes out activity guide and 1 Perkins Goes Out storybook in braille & print, 1 clear plastic bag containing - 1 Doing, Doing, Doing tape, 1 Doing, Doing, Doing activity guide and 1 Doing, Doing, Doing tri-vision book, 1 clear plastic bag containing - 1 Belly Button tape, 1 Belly Button activity book and 1 Belly Button tri-vision book. KIT DISCONTINUED BY VENDOR. PARTS MAY BE MISSING)
Book Instruction manual for braille transcribing.
/ Risjord, Constance. Wilkinson, John. Stark, Mary Lou. Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.. 4th. (2000).
ISBN: 0844410160. Catalog Id: 21600
Professional Resource