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Book I-M-ABLE : individualized meaning-centered approach to braille literacy education.
/ Wormsley, Diane P.. American Foundation for the Blind. (2016).
ISBN: 9780891287223. Catalog Id: 28407
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Unified English braille (UEB) practice sentences.
/ Becker, Roberta. 1st. (2016).
ISBN: 9781935682165. Catalog Id: 28738
Professional Resource (2 volumes: 1 print and 1 interpoint braille)
Video Personal touch : braille for lifelong enrichment.
/ Mangold, Sally S.. Pesavento, Mary Ellen. Hadley School for the Blind. (1994).
Catalog Id: 14681
Professional Resource (Online resource, 32 minutes)