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Book The early development of blind children : a book of readings.
/ Davidson, Iain. Simmons, Joyce Nesker. (1992).
ISBN: 0774403926. Catalog Id: 22233
Professional Resource (1 vol)
Book Suggestions for modifying the home and school environment : a handbook for parents and teachers of children with dual sensory impairments.
/ Brennan, Vicki. Peck, Flo. Lolli, Dennis. Perkins School for the Blind. (1992).
Catalog Id: 22235
Professional Resource (1 vol)
Book Literary braille practice sentences.
/ Joseph, Dorothy Quentin. Becker, Roberta. Mangold, Phil. (1992).
Catalog Id: 8036
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Unified English braille (UEB) practice sentences.
/ Becker, Roberta. 1st. (2016).
ISBN: 9781935682165. Catalog Id: 28738
Professional Resource (2 volumes: 1 print and 1 interpoint braille)