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Book Labeling, marking and organization.
/ Mowerson, Lisa-Anne. Terlau, Terrie (Mary T.). American Printing House for the Blind. (2014).
ISBN: 9781616480035. Catalog Id: 30557
Professional Resource (1 volume of large print and 5 audio CDs)
Book Raising a child with albinism : a guide to the school years.
/ National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation. (2014).
ISBN: 9780692221419. Catalog Id: 28074
Professional Resource (1 vol.)
Book Unified English Braille : guidelines for technical material.
/ International Council on English Braille ICEB. (2014).
Catalog Id: 28155
Professional Resource (1 vol.)
CD Alternate routes : Adapting orientation and mobility techniques.
/ Zatta, Mary C.. (2014).
ISBN: 9780982272114. Catalog Id: 28347
Professional Resource (1 DVD with 42 page booklet.)
Book Total life learning : preparing for transition.
/ Bridgeo, Wendy. Perkins School for the Blind. (2014).
ISBN: 9780974351063. Catalog Id: 28349
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book Quick & easy expanded core curriculum : The Hatlen Center Guide.
/ Maffei, Patricia. American Printing House for the Blind. (2014).
Catalog Id: 28373
Professional Resource (1 binder with 142 lesson cards and 1 CD with accessible files)
Book Essential elements in early intervention : visual impairment and multiple disabilities : Second edition.
/ Chen, Deborah. (2014).
ISBN: 9780891284888. Catalog Id: 30779
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Book ECC essentials : Teaching the expanded core curriculum to students with visual impairments.
/ Allman, Carol B.. American Foundation for the Blind. (2014).
ISBN: 9780891284987. Catalog Id: 27076
Professional Resource (1 volume)
Kit Boehm-3 preschool tactile kit : 3rd ed..
/ Ferrell, Kay Alicyn. Henderson, Barbara. American Printing House for the Blind. 3rd. (2014).
Grade Level: Pre-school, Kindergarten. Catalog Id: 27187
Professional Resource (4 binders containing tactile stimuli, 1 test administration booklet, Manipulatives for performance test items (5 red bowls, 20 multi-coloured foam cubes, and 2 plastic cars), 5 test record forms, and 5 parent letters)