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Tri Vision Book Mighty, mighty constuction site.
/ Rinker, Sherri Duskey. (2019).
ISBN: 9781452165073. Grade Level: Kindergarten, Pre-school. Catalog Id: 30240
Under Consideration (1 volume)
Braille Print Book Pete the Kitty and the case of the hiccups.
/ Dean, James. (2019).
ISBN: 9780062868268. Grade Level: Pre-school, Kindergarten, 01. Catalog Id: 30258
Braille UEB and Print Book (1 volume)
Tri Vision Book Usborne touchy-feely book : That's not my flamingo... its beak is too shiny.
/ Watt, Fiona. Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI). (2019).
ISBN: 9781474950473. Grade Level: Kindergarten, 01. Catalog Id: 30463
Tri-Vision Book UEB (1 volume)